Land tours

Czech Republic: deep excursion

If you are not a fan of river cruising but you still would like to explore the Czech republic, we are willing to make your dreams come true. In our onland programs we combine the best of our abilities, the Czech team wants to show you the most beautiful places of their home country, and the Chinese team makes sure all the service meets client´s expectation. To visit all UNESCO sites of the Czech republic, to enjoy the trip with children, to taste wine and beer, to dance folk dances or to make cultural trip around castles, everything is possible. The onland tours prepared by Dreamboat are ideal solution for your travelling.

Weddings: photoshooting and blessings

Prague, capital city of the Czech republic, is a very romantic city, which you can see also in many movies including Chinese „Somewhere only we know“. Every bride dreams about beautiful wedding pictures and every broom wants to make this wish come true. And we can help them. Pictures with Prague castle, Charles bridge or red roofs are very unique and allows you to keep your memories forever. We provide all services, starting with hairdresser, cosmetician and photographer, followed by dress renting, decorations from real flowers etc. You will have a Chinese speaking assistants always at your side and we can even organize wedding blessing in one of the most beautiful churches in the real heart of Prague. Make your special even more special with Dreamboat.